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ESSENTIAL because energy is the source to all life. ESSENTIAL is the true backbone of our product range, which promotes performance and enhances well-being, health and harmony. The dog becomes more willing, gets more stamina and recovers faster. The raw material in ESSENTIAL is Swedish-grown, traceable and GMO-free rapeseed. The rapeseed oil has undergone a scientifically developed process that corresponds to the natural digestive process. The result is a concentrated source of energy in water soluble powder form. The final product allows the dog to immediately and fully utilize the energy originally found in the oil.

The energy becomes more available in the dog’s metabolism when it is in a water-soluble form as the dog easily can digest the product, which in turn causes minimal impact on its sensitive digestive system and bowel functions. This also results in a reduced stress on the liver and kidneys.

The best way to increase the energy density in the diet is to simply increase the fat content in the feed you normally use. The most important nutrients are more often that not well covered for in all high quality feed. Therefore, you can usually use the dog´s normal feed and make it more energy-efficient by adding ESSENTIAL.

Fat is, by far the best source of energy for dogs. It has more than twice as high energy density as both carbohydrates and protein. To buffer energy from carbohydrates is e.g. not beneficial for getting a better performing dog. Dogs has i.a. difficulties to discard the lactic acid formed in muscles when carbohydrates are burned.

Dogs, just like humans, store energy in different depots within the body. Glycogen, fast-acting energy, is stored in the muscles and the liver. But what is used in a slightly longer effort comes from fat depots. Glycogen depots last for about an hour for work, then the dog gets his energy from fat depots. It takes for example a lot of energy just to keep the body warm in cold weather.

CaniCur ESSENTIAL is frequently used by large parts of the Swedish Policeforce – Police Dog Unit, as well as hunting dogs and dogs competing in all different disciplines. It has also proved to be very good for senior dogs. The results we have seen when using the product are well-behaved dogs with smooth muscles, high performance levels, fast recovery from illness or work and soft, smooth coats.

Energy from food quality oil, extracted from Swedish-grown GMO-free rapeseed. Manufactured under strict control for foodstuff.



EQ CC 3000

EQ CC 3010

EQ CC 3020














Recommended dose

Max. daily dose
1g per kg body weight

Max. 10g for a dog of 10kg.

We recommend starting with the highest yield – 1g per kg body weight / day – giving it for about: two weeks. After two weeks, an evaluation will be made and will be based on the results obtained.

Dogs with lower energy needs are awarded less give.

Benefitably assigned with other feed.

ESSENTIAL is not a medicine. Veterinary should always be contacted if you are unsure of the dog’s health.

Feed type
Supplement Feed

0.5kg, 1kg and 3kg

Food grade fat from Swedish-grown and 100% GMO-free rapeseed 99.5%
Water 0.5%
37MJ /kg ts

Best by
24 months from date of manufacture. Store dry and not in direct sunlight.